Why is Christmas the best holiday? 10 Reasons why Christmas is the Best Holiday

Christmas is a time for family, friends, and fun. But what about the people who celebrate Christmas on the 24th? For them, Christmas is a day of reflection and celebration. Join us as we explore the history and meaning of Christmas on the 24th.

Christmas is a season that will never end. It’s one of the oldest and most meaningful holidays, and it’s observed all around the world. Christmas is one of the finest holidays for college students for a variety of reasons.

Why is Christmas the best holiday
Why is Christmas the best holiday

1. Spend time with your family.

College was a difficult transition for individuals who get homesick quickly. With the final days ticking away, you may finally return home and be with the people you care about. Although Thanksgiving accomplishes this, you are more likely to spend time on homework rather than with family members.2. Avoiding Responsibilities

Christmas break also means that college students may relax at home, cuddle up with their cat in a blanket, and binge-watch Netflix for the duration of the vacation. There will be no more teachers, no more cramming for exams, and you will be able to stay up all night binge-watching ‘Friends’ rather than working on a project.

3. There is snow.

I’m not referring to the bitterly cold weather; rather, I’m referring to the beautiful snowfall. The days when it is reasonably cool outside and snow is falling. It’s the ideal weather for making snowmen, sledding, and ice skating. You can even take your significant other on a sleigh ride if you’re feeling amorous.

4. Gives out gifts.

When you get psyched about getting fuzzy socks for Christmas, you know you’re in college. Furthermore, since you’ve been away at college, your parents may not always know what you want, so they can generally get you the items you’ve been requesting throughout your adolescent years: money, gift cards, socks, and free tuition (we wish).

The Birth of Christ is number five. Christmas is about more than a Santa Claus or a Rudolph with a mutation red nose that glows when he’s thrilled. Christmas is a period when people commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. Whatever faith you follow, you have to realize it’s fairly amazing when a baby is born during difficult times. It’s a gift from the universe.6. Music for the Holidays

There are a lot of fantastic performers who are releasing Christmas music. You don’t have to listen to classics all the time. There are a lot more contemporary and modern Christmas tunes being played these days. Amazing performers with great Christmas songs include Pentatonix, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Mariah Carey.

7. Films about Christmas

Classics like How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Santa Clause, Elf, and more may now be binge-watched.

8. Food is the number

Cookies, sweets, peppermint bark, Christmas ham, and more cookies are all on the menu for the holidays.

9. Christmas is one of the rare times where you can present a gift to someone.

Christmas is a season of giving, whether it’s to your family or your best friend.

10. There are no assignments.

You don’t have to be concerned about anything now that the semester is over. You can unwind, go to work and earn some extra spending money, and reconnect with old pals. The options are limitless.


Christmas is the best holiday because it brings people together to celebrate family, friends, and community. It’s a time for giving, sharing, and enjoying all of the good things in life. Whether you’re spending Christmas at home or traveling to visit loved ones, we hope that you have a wonderful time during this special season. What are your favorite things about Christmas? Why do you think it’s the best holiday? Let us know in the comments!

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