When is orthodox Christmas 2020? What You Need To Know

Christmas is a time for celebration and spending time with family, but what about when Christmas falls on a different day than it does in the Western world? Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, 2020. Here’s a look at why the date changes and some of the traditions associated with this lesser-known holiday.

The History of Orthodox Christmas

Orthodox Christmas is one of the most celebrated religious holidays on the planet. The event commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, and it’s celebrated on December 25th each year.

The holiday began as a pagan holiday in Rome, and by the 4th century AD, it had become an official holiday in the Byzantine Empire. Eventually, it spread to other parts of Europe and became an annual event in many places.

Orthodox Christians follow a different version of Christmas than most people do. Rather than celebrating Presents, Presents, and More Presents, Orthodox Christians celebrate The Nativity (or Birth) of Jesus Christ. They also emphasize The Gift of Love more than anything else, which is why there are often gift-giving ceremonies during Orthodox Christmas celebrations.

Orthodox Christmas
Orthodox Christmas

What Are the Differences Between Buzz Christmastime and Orthodox Christmas?

Orthodox Christmas is a little different from Buzz Christmastime. Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25th, rather than December 26th as Buzz Christmastime celebrates. Orthodox Christmas also features a number of traditions that are not found in Buzz Christmastime celebrations.

For example, Orthodox Christians often give gifts to one another on Christmas Day, rather than exchanging gifts on December 25th as is done in most Western cultures. Additionally, many Orthodox Christians observe an evening service called Vespers on Christmas Eve instead of attending a church service on Christmas Day.

When Is Orthodox Christmas 2020?

Orthodox Christmas 2020 will be on Thursday, December 13th. Here is what you need to know:

First, keep in mind that Orthodox Christmas is not the same as regular Christmas. It is celebrated a few days earlier, on December 10th.

Second, there are a few things you will need if you plan to celebrate Orthodox Christmas 2020. First, you will need to have a Christmas tree or some other type of holiday decoration. Second, make sure to buy some special Orthodox food items to eat during the celebration. Finally, make sure to attend a special service called an epiphany (or baptism) service on December 12th in order to celebrate Jesus’ baptism and entrance into the world.


While there may appear to be a number of distinctions between these two dates, there are undoubtedly commonalities that connect them. For starters, they are both meant to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, and they are always a joyous time of year.

Christmas is a time to take a step back and reflect on what truly matters in life, as well as to be grateful for the numerous blessings that one may have. It is a season of unity, and no matter when it is observed, the Christmas spirit is always present.

F.A.Q: When is orthodox Christmas 2020

Why is the Orthodox Christmas on January 7th?

The Orthodox Christmas is on January 7th because that is the day when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. The date was chosen to follow the Jewish custom of celebrating Passover.

Why is Orthodox Christmas different date?

Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7th, 2020, one day earlier than the secular Gregorian calendar. The early celebration of Christmas is based on the belief that Jesus was born in the winter and died in the summer, thus fulfilling prophecies about a Messiah who would come to save Israel. Orthodox Christians also believe that Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem on December 25th and resurrected three days later.

What’s the difference between Christmas and Orthodox Christmas?

Christmas is a holiday celebrated by Christians around the world. It commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and often features religious ceremonies and gifts. Orthodox Christmas, on the other hand, is a special holiday celebrated by Eastern Orthodox Christians only. It features different traditions than Christmas practiced by Western churches, and often includes feasting and gift-giving.

Why is Orthodox Christmas on January 6th?

Orthodox Christians observe Christmas on January 6th because it is the day when Jesus was born in the town of Bethlehem. The Eastern Orthodox Church believes that Jesus was born in accordance with prophecy, and they celebrate his birth with ceremonies and liturgies that reflect this belief.


Christmas is a time of celebration and family gatherings. But what do we celebrate? For Christians, Christmas is the day that Jesus was born. However, there are many different traditions associated with this holiday around the world. In 2020, Orthodox Christmas falls on January 7th. If you’re looking for information about when other holidays fall in 2020 or would like to learn more about Orthodox Christianity, check out our other blog posts!

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